Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chip Kelly's first big roster move

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has made his first big roster move today. Well actually he didn't. But in not making a move he has seemingly put and end to the quarterback question in Philadelphia. Mike Vick was NOT released today which means that the Eagles will owe Vick at least 3 million dollars this season. No there is a prevision that if another team signs Vick or pays him at least 3 million before the start of free agency, then the Eagles won't owe him anything. The hope here is that the team will be given enough time to finalize the rest of Kelly's coaching staff before making decisions with players. Additionally, the team would obviously like to restructure Vick's deal as his performance hasn't lived up to expectations since signing his monster contract. Vick has said that he only wants to be on a team if he is the starter and there has been rumors that he hasn't been open to redoing his deal.

Many thought that Vick and the Eagles would part ways at the end of last season. Then after the hiring of Kelly people began to thing that Vick would be the perfect quarterback for Kelly's new up tempo offense. While Vick's speed may be beneficial to Kelly's offensive plan there as some aspects to Vick's game that seem to be overlooked. First Vick has always had a problem with staying healthy (especially in recent seasons). His style of play puts himself in harms way and end with him missing several games a season. In a division that is only getting increasingly competitive the Eagles can't afford to be losing their starting quarterback at all, and Vick always seems to be one head first slide away from ending up one the bench for several weeks. 

Secondly, his knack for coughing up the ball and throwing picks still hasn't been corrected. Vick tends to want to always make the big play with often leads to him holding on to the ball too long and not simply taking what the defense give him, the result is turnovers galore. Maybe Kelly thinks he can rectify the problem and for all we know he might be able to, but is it worth risking his first season as a head coach on. If Kelly goes with Vick and things don't change how long will it take until Eagles fans start calling for his head like they did with Andy Reid. 

I think the hiring of Chip Kelly should have signaled the dawn of a new era in Philadelphia. Next season has a lot of things going for it. The team has the number 4 pick in the draft this year, three talented offensive linemen returning from injury, and a number of exciting, young, talented players. Why risk one more season on a guy who has proven the past two seasons he can't stay healthy or protect the football. Nick Foles may not be the long term answer for the team but neither is Vick. At least with Foles the team has the importunity to forget the past and move forward in a completely new direction. 

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