Monday, December 3, 2012

What this new news means.

Today two bits of breaking news came out of the Eagles offices. 1. Defensive line coach Jim Washburn has been let go. Apparently there has been growing tensions in the locker room as the season continues to plummet, and Washburn had become and increasing distraction. After the release of Jason Babin last week those distractions only seem to have escalated as Babin was brought over to the Eagles from the Titans with Washburn in 2011. The duo spent (including this one) three season together and Washburn seemed to think of Babin as his pet project, so that could be why things escalated and resulted in Washburn being let go (apparently in the parking lot of the airport as the Eagles we returning home from their loss in Dallas).

The second piece of news is that Andy Reid has named Nick Foles as the Eagles starting quarterback for the remainder of the season. With this move we can come to one huge conclusion and that is that Jeffrey Lurie is now controlling the Eagles directly. One could say that this move is a last ditch minute attempt from Andy Reid to save his job by appearing to prepare for next season by using the remaining four game to evaluate the talent that the Eagles currently have. If you ask me though this is Lurie's doing and it's a smart move on his part.

At the end of last season Lurie put Andy Reid on the hot seat by saying that if significant improvement was not made this season that changes would be made. With the loss to Dallas last night (the Eagles 8th straight loss) it is not statistically impossible for the Eagles to match their record from last season. IF Reid guided the Eagles to another 8-8 season he could have saved his job for at least one more season. Now that it is impossible for another .500 season Lurie's back is against a wall and the writing on that wall is that Andy Reid's time in Philadelphia is over.

The remainder of Reid's time with the Eagles will be spent taking orders from Lurie, and attempting to showcase what skills he can bring to another team next season. I do still believe that Reid is a great coach and will be a great asset to whatever team decided to hire him (should he decide to coach again next season). Regardless of how good a coach he might be his time in midnight green is over, and it should be. I, like many others, wish it didn't have to end like this but it's been a number of questionable decisions over the past two season that have led to this. The promotion of Juan Castillo, the implementation of the wide 9, the free agent spending spree in 2011, questionable draft pics, etc...

The list could go on but the result is a team that has underachieved and disappointed fans. That with Lurie's ultimatum means only one thing, Reid is out and we are now rebuilding. If he goes in any other direction and Reid is allowed to stay he will begin to lose the fan bases trust. With that... let the preseason begin!

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